Sam Seltzer-Johnston
2 min readMay 9, 2021

Howdy! I’m Sam. 👋

At time of writing, I’m a freelance Game Developer/Consultant currently working on ExoCorps for Gingerbred [sic]. You can read more about my work on ExoCorps in my portfolio. I’ll also appreciate it if you check out my Patreon. There’s some free content on there for you to read, but I’ll of course be thankful for any support.

I’m trying out Medium for blog posts and articles which so far have only been available on my website. I’ll probably copy a few over or at least link them in some posts here. I’ll probably cross-post some of my public Patreon content as well so people who prefer Medium can easily enjoy it! Though these days I’m mostly posting on Twitter for better or worse.

I’ve been tinkering with game development since before I entered the workforce, but my career began as an embedded software engineer working with both proprietary languages and C/C++. I later worked for a government contractor on a 3D simulation engine in C++. After that did work on a simulation platform built atop Unreal Engine 4.

I have a broad skillset but areas I’ve specialized in include Game Engine Development, Gameplay Programming, and Software Portability.

Anyway, I’m going to port a few posts over so y’all have something to sink your teeth into. Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to subscribe. 😊



Sam Seltzer-Johnston

Game developer consultant who specializes in all things engineering. Currently working on ExoCorps. Support me on Patreon: